Subtraction Meditation


The reason why human must not not do subtraction meditation is:

The mind of human is that it takes pictures of the life lived into his brain and from inside that picture, tens of thousands of kinds of thinking comes out and that is stress and anguish, so human lives having become a slave o the pictures; that is why we are throwing away and eliminating. For example, let’s tell them to bring up an apple and give that to an elephant. then, just as that disappears, the pictures we have taken also disappear when we throw them away.

the life we have lived to now is also a picture which is fake. Each person’s mind is different and the thinking is also different. The life lived and the thinking, eliminating those things is subtraction meditation. The reason for throwing away 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, purple is that the mind of human and the thoughts also are lies which are pictures; there is not a single thing that is right.

Human is incomplete. the reason why is because human lives in his mind world which was formed form his life lived and thoughts. If you throw all of this away and return to the origin and are born again, you eternally never die. you know all the principles of the world and become a saint. This year also, 4,514 people became complete.

Can you do this to the and?



The most important thing for human is for oneself to be eternally alive.

Human is incomplete because human does not live in the world which is Truth and lives in his own mind world which is overlapped over the world.


If we spread it out and draw,



In the incomplete world, people and all things in the universe will disappear.

Eliminate the mind world which is a picture and the countless thoughts that human has and if one returns to the place that existed before the world appeared, then human which is incomplete can become complete.

Subtraction meditation is throwing away one’s false self.





If one is reborn from Completion of the Universe which is Truth, he will be able to live to the age of the Universe.

He can know all the principles of the world and he can become a saint. The reason this is causing a sensation is because all anyone has to do is discards his false self in order to become complete; that is why it is causing a worldwide sensation.

This year also in Mendoza, 4,513 people have become Truth; eternally they will not die and they know all the principles of the world, so is there anyone who would not do?




Eliminate the incomplete which is fake


Because one is inside his mind which is a picture, he does not know anything.

Dream a false dream, in false thoughts and end up dying.

What human wants to achieve, he cannot achieve.

In the countless kinds of thoughts, pain, burden, stress.

Nothing remains in all that he does.





Born in the real world which is complete


Mind becomes the Universe and one is reborn in the Universe and so he knows all the principles of the world.

What human wants to achieve, he can achieve.

One can live forever and he has escaped from, starting with pain, burden, stress, and the countless kinds of agonies; his old self has disappeared and so it is great freedom.

Things remain in all that he does.